About KBA

Mission Statement

Kapaa Business Association supports the East Side community through:
Cultural and community events and projects, Advocacy, and Business networking and education

Join us to help shape our future.

KBA’s Story
The Kapaa Business Association is a 501(c)(3), not-for-profit organization of volunteers and part-time staff that work to improve, preserve, and support the communities of the Royal Coconut Coast. The organization started in the 1950’s, incorporated in 1999 and has grown to represent the East side community  in many areas…

KBA’s Board of Directors meets monthly to discuss and take action on topics such as the business climate, promotion of the Royal Coconut Coast area, community and legislative issues, traffic, taxes, parking, parks, and public access to name but a few. In addition, KBA actively interacts with other business groups within the community as a member of the Kauai Chamber of Commerce and Kauai Business Council. The cultural and charitable works of KBA include the production of the annual Coconut Festival, participation in the Veteran’s Day Parade, community cleanups and serving as fiscal sponsor for smaller organizations wishing to undertake community service projects. KBA was the winner of the 1999 Governor’s Kilohana Award for volunteerism in the community group category.

In addition to regular newsletters and membership meeting, members also receive a rich benefit package that includes free and discounted advertising, event discounts, member to member discounts and representation in other business organizations. Membership dues are tax deductible less the value of accepted benefits. They are otherwise considered an ordinary and necessary business expense and are nonrefundable.

An organization is only as strong as its leadership. KBA is fortunate to have well-known and respected business people to serve as Officers and Directors. Following is some information about the individuals who are charged with creating and implementing a new vision for KBA.

President – Mike Hough
Vice President – Neill Sams
Vice President – Robert Bartolo
Accounts – Chris Dorland
Webmaster – Mike Hough
Director – Monique Tucker
Director – Jeff Murata
Director – Andy Friend
Director – Andrew Gawdun
Director – Steve Thatcher
Director – Vicki Valenciano

Land Advisor – Milo Spindt

Current committees and priority goals are:The East Side Development Plan
Veterans Parade and Traffic mitigation
Coastal Trail planning and advocacy
Park maintenance, development and improvement
Crime and Violence reduction on Kauai
23rd Annual Coconut Festival, the East Side’s Signature Event that brings thousands of people to Kauai’s East side and provides a venue for cultural exchange, business development and entertainment.

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