Kauai Crime Task Force

The purpose of the Mayors Kauai Crime Task force is to combat the increasingly complex and destructive issues of drug abuse, theft, related violence and crimes within society. The coordination of various law enforcement agencies within the county and with Community Associations from around the island, form a united front against this growing problem. Drugs and drug-related crimes affect all factions of society, encompassing and threatening people of all backgrounds. The specialized Task Force leads a concentrated and tactical attack on the problem of crimes that are related, but not limited to drug involvement, subsequently triggering a ripple effect on crime in general within the community, but is also intended to improve the overall quality of life within the community by removing some of the most pervasive deterrents to safety and well-being. Please contact your local Police station if you have any information regarding any criminal activity in the County of Kauai.

The Change of Mayor’s of Kauai resulted in the Task Force ending.
Which must mean there is less or even NO crime on Kauai?

Below you will find a PDF (HB792 HD1 – Relating to Evidence JDL) our first draft of a law that the Kauai Crime Task Force moved through the legislature, that failed to get the votes but we will try again this year. You also see a newspaper article that explains the purpose of the law.

HB792 HD1 – Relating to Evidence JDL

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