Kapaa Traffic Committee

KBA continues to work on traffic solutions

The KBA along with the Kapaa Neighborhood Center Association the Kauai Visitor Bureau and other small community groups have met to create a committee to work with the Department of Transportation to identify the Kapaa/Wailua corridors most critical traffic bottlenecks.

The Kapaa Traffic Solutions committee has met twice with DOT and has created a list of priorities. Due to lack of funds available at the state level the committee has been made to understand only those priorities that are already appropriated shovel ready or those that can be least costly can be acted on right away.

The easiest and least expensive items that are being addressed are:
1) Review and adjust the timing of the traffic lights and 2) Extend the contra flow till 2:00 pm or 3:00 pm.


  • Add lane on Kuhio Hwy from Wailua Bridge to by-pass (maybe this year)
  • Additional extended southbound right turn-off lane along Kuhio Hwy., (front of Coco Palms) to more easily access Kuamoo Rd.
  • Widen Kapa‘a Bypass north of Olohena Road (at Round-a-bout) by adding one north bound lane, include pedestrian and bicycle facilities. Improve intersection at Kuhio Hwy. and Kapaa Bypass (north intersection).
  • Heading North at Kawaihau intersection, add a by-pass lane on Kuhio Hwy on the right that flows through. (example Hanamaulu Flow Through)
  • Move the merge area for Northbound Kuhio Hwy. (before Foodland).
  • Terminate Hauaala Road at Kuhio Hwy with cul-de-sac. Create new connection from Haua‘ala Rd. to Kapa‘a Bypass north of stream.
  • Enhance pedestrian safety at the crosswalk, such as installing a raised median/pedestrian refuge.
  • Close East leg of Kukui St. and convert Kukui St. between Kuhio Hwy. and Inia St. to business parking. Reallocate traffic signal green time to Kuhio Hwy. movements. Relocate stop bar on southbound Kuhio Hwy. to closer to Hului‘i St. Route traffic form closed Kukui St., to north (Niu Street) or south (Kauwila Street).


  • Improve Pouli Road and extend mauka from shopping center to the Kapaa Bypass. Pouli Road approach to be stop-controlled.